Endermologie &ndash reshape your body

The Endermologie Cosmetic Therapy System helps reshape your body and gives you real results without surgery.

Reshaping your body is easy with Riviera Spa's non-invasive endermologie - a safe, effective cosmetic therapy system. While you relax on a custom massage table our Endermologist treats each selected region of your body. The patented vacuum chamber gently caresses the skin while rollers massage away fat and cellulite. Endermologie dramatically improves circulation and skin tone. You'll begin to see the difference each time you look in the mirror or try on your favorite outfit after just a few treatments. A series of twelve to sixteen treatments is recommended. Come in today for your free consultation.

  • Initial Consultation – Free
  • Individual Treatment – $95
  • 12 Treatments – $900
  • 16 Treatments – $960