Massage &ndash achieve ultimate relaxation

Our massage therapists are state-licensed professionals and have a working knowledge of various massage modalities. Please speak to your therapist specifically about areas of pain, tension or injury before your session.

Swedish Massage
Melt away stressful thoughts and body tension as you achieve ultimate relaxation through the liberating release of massage. A nurturing touch is used to knead, compress and smoothly stroke your whole body, increasing circulation, cleansing your system and producing positive endorphins.

50 minutes - $90
80 minutes - $110
110 minutes - $160

Deep Tissue Massage
For those who desire a stronger touch, this massage reaches deeper levels of muscle tissue and may provide greater relief from muscle tension.

50 minutes - $110
80 minutes - $130
110 minutes - $180

Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils are used throughout the massage and applied to the body.

Additional - $10

Hot Stone Massage
This ancient healing modality uses the density and radiant energy of hot stones to release and remove tension from your muscles on the deepest level. Intensely pleasurable, this experience will transform your body and renew your mind.

50 minutes - $115
80 minutes - $145

Pre-Natal Massage
Pampering for mommy and baby! This nurturing full body massage focuses on pregnancy-specific strain areas as it increases circulation and helps balance hormone levels. We recommend this massage only after the first trimester.

50 minutes - $100
80 minutes - $115

Couples Massage
An elegant fireplace connects you and your companion in our luxurious couples suite. Enjoy your massage with no separation anxiety.

50 minutes - $195
80 minutes - $230

Four Hands Massage
An Ayurvedic traditoin of two massage therapist performing a choreographed dual massage to help detoxify the body and restore its balance.

50 minutes - $180
80 minutes - $250

Aromatherapy Candle Massage
Indulge in an unforgettable massage experience customized and orchestrated by your individual needs and mood. Each candle is therapeautically infused with beneficial essential oils and luxurious emollients, leaving the skin silky smooth and pleasantly scented

50 minutes - $135
80 minutes - $160